Colonial & Civil War History

Washington County, Maryland is home to numerous historical colonial and civil war sites.

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Visit Washington Monument State Park and see why we were the first county in the United States to be named for George Washington.   Here he visited friends, gathered and led his troops during the French and Indian War, and was one of the visionaries behind the C&O Canal’s formation.

Built in 1756, Fort Frederick State Park in nearby Big Pool, Maryland gives visitors a glimpse into to Maryland’s colonial history.

History 2Fast forward a few decades, when the bloodiest day in American history occurred here at the Battle of Antietam.  Our farms and villages were never the same after 23,110 soldiers were killed or wounded in nearby Sharpsburg, Maryland.  John Brown organized his raid there as well and carried it out in nearby Harper’s Ferry.  Numerous Civil War skirmishes occurred here when Union and Confederate troops marched through on several occasions.  The Emancipation Proclamation was finalized after Lincoln’s visit to Sharpsburg in October, 1862.

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