‘Something for Me’ Girlfriend Getaways

Giving to others is second nature for most women.  Giving ourselves time to nurture our inner spirit is a reason to get away.  Cherish times and make memories that last the distance of time.  Perhaps you’re looking for who you once were.  We call it our Renaissance Weekend Escape.  Let us design a weekend around your interests.  You name the theme, and we’ll bring in a local expert to help guide you in your discovery.

Here are a few examples.

Shop ’till You Drop

After a delightful breakfast, you’ll have a 10 minute drive to Hagerstown Premium Outlets, the ultimate destination for 100 upscale designer outlets.  You can easily spend an entire day shopping there and dine on site.  If you want quaint boutique shopping, we like the restaurants and shops of nearby Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Visit http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=100


Pamper Yourself

Fall-catalogMaking a spa date can be expensive and it’s a one-day experience.  Why not learn how to give yourself an herbal facial, complete with a Shiatsu massage?  We’ll do that for you and send you home with a 10 day trial size so you can master it for a lifetime of beautiful skin.

We’ll begin your weekend with a  Beauty Sleep  session, where you learn how to properly cleanse and nourish your skin for that important restorative beauty sleep.  Then, after a good night’s sleep and nourishing breakfast, you’ll schedule a one hour Finish the Look session, a one-on-one appointment where you’ll learn how to turn back the clock for a healthy glow and leave ready for the day.   Noevir offers super-refined natural ingredients and herbs, meticulously formulated to be natural to the skin.  Your trainer has over 20 years of experience and can customize a regime just for your skin type.

Visit  http://www.noevirusa.com/AboutNoevir/Philosophy.aspx?Mod=CORP&Name

Master Cooking Class

Do you need to travel thousands of miles to learn an authentic cuisine from a pro?  Indeed not.  Let us organize a hands-on cooking class for you.   We’ll help you build your cooking repertoire so you go home with some new culinary skills, guaranteed to impress your family and friends.   You’ll enjoy the lunch or dinner of your choice, all prepared in a gourmet kitchen on site.