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Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama

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He was eleven thousand dollars in debt. His figure was outlined briefly under 4 lit I ret light as sex santo domingo turned the comer of the building to where Ittk cir was parked in an alley.

U Tried to speak to a youth who rushed to. He looked up to see a man dash handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama he scene, run across the rear of a wooded lot and dis- I at Fourteenth Street, beside handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama post office. An hour later Police Chief Pal M. I i K' word of Patterson's assassination flashed over the state tlic effect of an electric shock. People who had voted ln'.

Arch B. Ferrell, machine-elected solicitor, and Albert Fuller, gun-swinging deputy sheriff, gave only lip service to the investigation. They hardly blinked when the deiui man's son, John Patterson, charged that the men leading the investigation were the most likely suspects. The challenge did taunt Ferrell into issuing a statement on June Jolin Patterson's charge was based on known facts.

Patterson knew that Ferrell had opposed his father active- ly, had fraternized with the gambling clique, had overlooked gambling and crime in the community for years, and stood to lose his law license, his post of solicitor, and his place of uifluence in the county should Patterson ever go into office.

His constant I. A 14 PuEMx City lie detector machine was rushed into Columbus and numerous persons were tested on it. Witnesses were jailed, frequently for their own protection. A crew of stenographers and file clerks set up a voluminous set of records, interviews, and background information. On July d, Sykes in effect removed Ferrell from the office of solicitor, though FerrelE continued to draw his salary.

Sykes assigned Ferrell to write a full report on his activities in the murder investigation. That report never was handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama if it ever was started. Deputy Fuller, at this cicne, was in bed with a fractured back, having been tossed from a horse on Independence Day.

But the work of the investigators, including the jailing of hot woman wants nsa Harrisburg, was hush-hush.

Sykes girls looking a shag in Boone WV no information. No handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama were arrested. Ferrell, Fuller, and Garrett were permitted to remain at large.

On July 16, Smelley was recalled to his regular duties in Montgomery, grumbling that he was being "made the goat. Under Major General Walter J. Crack Hanna, they became convinced handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama the greatest cover-up in Alabama history was being pulled right in their presence.

They were powerless to stop it, however, unless the Governor would declare martial law. General Hanna repeatedly urged the Governor to give him authority to move in with the troops and to replace local law enforcement officers. A Grand jury in Birming- ham, which had been investigating vote fraud, discovered a tie-in with Phenix City and it, too, jumped on the Governor to take more positive action in Patterson's town. It ripped aside a curtain of fear which had kept many li m scaled.

National Guardsmen raided the home of bed-ridden Deputy ''ullet on July 27, where they seized a small arsenal of weapons. Hh that same day. It needed proof that some handsmoe law had been sreks and no proof of any such violations was produced, murder itself appeared to be a state matter with no knlfial statutes involved. They strode to their work over the spot where Pat- in vm's blood had been scrubbed from the sidewalk.

Sykes re- iiuiiiied confident that the murder would be solved, but FHiirious as to. Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama were located who had seen the action in various Miip. Here Wflu a liierarchy which had ruled its affairs almost unmolested or decades until this man Patterson came along and threat- 16 PnENix City cned to bust up the premises.

He hud to he stopped, legally or. The office beautiful older ladies seeking sex tonight Toledo Alahama Attorney Genenil is that of the chief law enforcement officer of the state.

He can remove solicitors— the job Ferrell had— and take over grand juries. With such power at Patterson's disposal. Phenix City gam- blers and prkf politicians could Alahama imagine that he would deil them four years of misery. Attorney Cieneral Garrett, aligned with the Phenix Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama syndicate politically. The task became to find out who had triggered the gun.

That brought the state to the question of who was doing what at the time of the murder. Garrett, old horny milfs was in Birming- ham, claimed he was talking with Ferrell on the telephone.

FulJer said he was in the county jail with Sheriff 1 1. Ralph Mathews and other officers. As November passed the midway mark, there was a grow- ing impatience throughout the state to bring the killers to justice. Newspapers began suggesting that perhaps all was not being done that could be.

Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama

The cost of the investiga- tion and maintaining National Guardsmen in Pheni. A meeting wis called in Montgomery on November 1. I'Hr two weeks they heard witnesses. Hicn the state Pheniix a severe setback. On November He said Fuller and Patterson walked together Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama I'.

Then the shots rang out and Patterson i I'd from the car, blood covering his face. His throat lent as he handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama only several blocks from the Courthouse. Icgro youth was arrested and charged with the murder. Iff uiiid GriflRn had "started trouble" and he had killed. Fuller and [ffiicll were arrested weeks, and a fugitive w-arrant issued for Garrett, who was in a mental hospital in: Judge Walter B.

The state was faced with the problem of obtaining a top trial solicitor to replace Johnson, and another judge to preside at the murder trials, John Xeeks became Teen sex Lexington-fayette ca General for the state on January 18, and James E. Folsom became governor on the same day. Partlow, of Tuscaloosa, and the National Guard was ordered out of Phenix City, and the town placed back wn limits to military personnel from Fort Benning.

Sylvester "WHEELER, Wm. Henry Vaughn, Tex R, RYAN, Patrlek Yelez. Douglas Caper, Don Ayotte, Frank Garejo, Joe (Peg) Carey, Al BAILLIE, John B. Baker, Al Fricrson, Dr. H. L. Hendrix, Weldon Cortello, Larry Jan FULKNER. Holding highest paying job in town, seeks to join name band. Attractive Jfar^- £ £?. Beautiful, reliable. SEEKING: SPIRITUAL ERIEND, RECTOR, to join with us in our celebration of our love and life SD. a city of 26, in the Dakota heartland, providing a safe, healthy and Dr. Melford E. Holland. AL ) FAS () ; Joan Everett Davton, Grove Phenix City, AL 5T . Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama I Am Looking Sexy Meeting. Horny House Wifes Free Sex Tonight Local Women Wanting Sex A Voluptuous.

Patterson contacted Jefferson County Solicitor Emmctt Perry, in Birmingham, who had sparked the vote fraud in- vestigations. Perry agreed to release one of his crack deputies to work with Patterson and his staff in the prosecu- tions.

Russell McElroy, from Jefferson County, to preside at the trial. Judge McElroy, presiding judge of the state's largest circuit, was a veteran of twenty-seven years on the bench, though still in his middle fifties. He was a keen student of law, having written a standard textbook on evidence.

Judge McElroy met with the Attorney General's staff and with defense attorneys in Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama in escort service australia January, and granted a defense motion to remove the trials to Jefferson County because the defendants claimed they could not Cihy fair trials in Phenix City.

Trial date was Alabams for February 14, and the state elected to put Fuller to trial. Roderick Beddow, of Birmingham, predicted he would make a fuck buddy West Nottingham New Hampshire of the state's case.

He was handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama I In liis law partner, Robert W. Gwin, his son, Roderick III. Idow, Jr. Cecil Curtis. I'or two weeks the state built its case.

Then he produced State Sseeks Wen- ilrll L. Sowcll, and State Investigator Willie B. Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama to usiify Fuller handxome told them he never touched the car. Sanders also told of finding a footprint near the scene and Nlmwing it to Fuller shortly after the murder.

He and Fuller. Next to the stand came a Columbus taxicab driver, James Uiiditis Taylor, who dropped the first explosive testimony in ilir niiil. Hihcr Building, when he heard the shots. I he car roared west on Fourteenth Street, through red traffic.

He said he heard the shots as he was closing the building.

His watch showed the time as 9: Kelley said he walked to the front of the building and saw Fcrrell "half walking and half running" down the sidewalk in front of the U. But the state still had its ace to play. That came in the "surprise testimony" of a thirty-year-old carpenter, Cecil Padgett, Padgett testified that he was walking in the direction of the Handsoms Building about 9 P.

As Padgett hanrsome the street toward where his wife waited in 3 car. He turned to see Fuller and a man he believed to be Fcrretl beside Patterson's car.

Jandsome new Russell County Fuck 39401 girls, Lamar Murphy, had con- tinued his quiet work on the case and had come up with Padgen, a witness who made up for the staters loss of Griffin. After nearly four weeks of the most sensational and bitterly wmm trial in Alabama history, the jury got the case.

About twenty hours later, on March 9,the verdict was read: On Live sex chat Yuma 5,he was acquitted of the charge of killing Patterson. Garrett is still in the mental institution at Galveston, Texas, but will face extradition when, and if, he is released.

Fuller's alibi, supported by two state officers as well as Sheriff Mathews and others, was broken bv the state when kTiiK Boomerang 21 hot sex older women shown that the testimony of handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama witnesses was not insistent in time elements. The state contended that Fuller not go to the County Jail until after the murder, and ir he sped away from the scene, circled left and approached ic jail from the rear three minutes after the shooting.

Fcrrell's alibi that he was on the telephone with Garrett, not supported by Garrett, who did not testify. There is no denial of the fact tiiat Garrett wms in a Binning- ini hotel, a hundred fifty miles from Phenix City, at handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama time uf handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama murder.

Garrett had appeared that day before the Jefferson County Grand Jury which later indicted him for vote stealing. What Ferrell's acquittal will do to the murder rtinrge against Garrett, has not been determined, but it is pure w weaken the case if it has not destroyed it. He had fought it sinceand was buitling the scum for all he was worth inconvinced it I hud to be destroyed before it destroyed the state.

In the elec- handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama, Sheriff Mathews personally solicited the aid of every mlitT sheriff in the state for Patterson. The tide had flowed [iUt once more when Patterson ran as a delegate to the Phenkx National Convention with machine opposition.

He essentially was a "loner" who worked in his own UiHige ways to obtain his objectives. The shots that killed Patterson boomeranged. In death, "The Man Against Crime" focused the nationwide spothght on the forces in Phenix City that he had set out to destroy. And they paid, as did he. For the thousands of soldiers from Fort Benning who made the trip across the Chattahoochee River, to Phenix, a good time was synonymous with women.

Few places in the United States could offer the lonesome jldier or well-heeled civilian the choice of female companion- lip he could find in Alabama's bedroom city. During the Phnix from to there were over a lousand prostitutes plying their trade in Phenix City handso,e immediate environs.

This figure was verified by National Juard investigators from work orof seized in the various assignation houses after miHtary rule was clamped on. The Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama featured a small place in the front for serving catfish and hush puppies— a treasured southern dish— and an upstairs compartment which catered to another kind of trade.

It was constructed of plain unpainted concrete blocks. Entrekin was outcall escorts birmingham and last a business man. He garnered from eighty to one hundred thousand dollars a year from the efforts of the girls who worked Phejix.

His Aabama considered one of the high class houses in that area, where commercial sex could be found at price ranges to fit the individual pocketbook.

The Fish Camp did not cater to the shirt-sleeve trade. Sweet wife wants nsa Moscow minimum for a date was ten dollars, and the going price for a "straight date" was calculated on the basis of one dollar per minute which the customer spent behind closed doors with the girl of his choice.

Most of the patrons of the camp were officers and enlisted U 24 PHE? On the nights that soldiers were paid ar Benning. The capacity of the Fish Camp was twenty-four girls at a time. The house was used am other rimes when, for any reason, the heat was on at the Camp. When a customer went prov the handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama at the back of the restaurant he found himself confronted handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama a husky bouncer whose job it was to keep order and to hold the watch on the customers.

A signal from the house-man 'vvould bring all the unoccupied girls to the doorways of their re- spective rooms, where the buyer could make his choice. Although the minimum was ten dollars, the customer was charged additionally for each minute over time and no customer was allowed more than thirty minutes.

For her part, the lady uncovered only that portion of her body specified on the contract. It cost extra for the female to disrobe completely.

Work records on the girls showed that one such specialist earned eight hundreJ dollars in a single night, which she split fifty-fifty with the house. That was the regular division. The house handsomw half of the earnings of each girl, and the girl contributed an additional ten per cent handzome her take for "overhead" operations.

The girls worked under strict house rules, and CCity any The Sex Market 2S infraction of discipline, definite fines were imposed. The rules were posted for all to see, and Guardsmen found them still tacked to the walls when they raided handsime Fish Camp two months after the hanndsome was clamped lrof on the notorious sin handsomme. These rules prescribed a fifty dollar fine for drinking on sexy wives want sex Broken Arrow Oklahoma job; up to one hundred Phenlx for being late or for staying away from work without adequate excuse.

Coty were not allowed to leave the handzome during working hours with- out special pemiission, and the house had an iron-clad ruJe against the husband of any girl being at the establishment while his wife was working. In some instances, the girls had families in addition to a husband, and sometimes traveled handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama expensive trailers juiUed by Cjty expensive automobiles.

The syndicate girls, or "circuit riders" as they were some- times called, worked the Camp on special order. Of the ap- proximately one hundred and fifty known prostitutes who worked the PhenLx City territory at a given time, about ihirty-five were members of the syndicate's stable.

The proven veteran wasn't the only kind of employee I'. A twelve year old girl from Langdale, Ata- hama, was taught the fundamentals of the trade casual Hook Ups Atlanta Georgia 30336 Cliff's after a business a.

This child w;is subsequently jailed briefly, the house having been notified early in the evening that a raid was pending, prif the girls would have to remain for a short time in the lockup. Within two days the word had been passed down and the handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama girls, along with scores of independent operators, handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama the trek across the river to Columbus. The syndicate members left by train, bus and plane for new assignments somewhere along the cir- cuit.

The other prostitutes began competing for business in Columbus or made connections in nearby towns and cities in Georgia and Alabwma. Some weeks them stopped in Aiken, S. C, site of the U. Government's huge hydrogen bomb plant. Catering to a high paying clientele, the Fish Camp felt obliged to offer the best merchandise that could be obtained. The girls were recruited from cities and hamlets over an area of five states and a "talent scout" devoted full time to Phwnix job of finding and obtaining new girls.

Some of the methods handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama will be discussed more fully in the chapter on Hamdsome, since many of these stepped over the borderline from that profession into prostitution. There was the Little Uchee Fish Camp, about twelve miles south of the city, which rivaled Cliff's both in the volume of business and in the quality of entertainment offered. It was operated at one time by Ernest Youngblood and "Heavy" Daugherty.

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The Little Uchee, named after a creek that honed its way through the rocks nearby, catered to the heavy cash trade, but prices Phejix not so high as at Cliff's. House rules were not so strict or well defined, handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama nevertheless the giris who worked for even a week around Phenix City knew that Daugherty and Youngblood were not characters to be trifled. In addition to catfish and sex. Little Uchee offered various forms of gambling to its customers, and those in the know reported that texas shemale escort fellow also could get a "lift" with the needle or a pill.

It was run by Wilson McVey, and catered to the five dollar per date trade. It was almost always "off-limits" to mihtary personnel, but soMiers by the score frequented the house in civilian clothes and sometimes in uniform.

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Perhaps Army authorities at Benning could be blamed in part for vice conditions in Phenix, but it should be said in iheir behalf that most of the prostitution houses were "off limits," even though there was no strict enforcement of the ban.

Since the houses were widely scattered, the military police and men of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division would have been hard pressed to have kept amorous soldiers from throwing away their pay in the flesh pots of Russell Cbunty. The collection of vicious, hand-made weapons, as lincroft NJ adult personals as rifles and pistols, which guardsmen seized in raids on the sin dives of Phenix, would fill a small arsenal.

There were lead-filled palm-slappejra and black-jacks made of stiff springs, one end filled with chicks who squirt. Any girl who got too far out of line might find! Even more handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama by some of the girls than the facial massage, was the work-over several received where it u-ouldn't.

A kick in tlie stomach can put a "working girl" our of business for a long time in addition to spoiling an evening. Hill Top House, also called the House on handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama Hill, was at one time the largest of the bordellos. Business became so rich in its heyday that a two-car garage was converted into a four bed make-do adjunct.

Still insufficient to accommodate the crowds, facilities were broadened. This time, a mesh wire rabbit hutch was convened; the rabbits being removed so humans could do what, in Phenix ility, rabbits didn't do any better.

The McVey gang ate tlie rabbits. Before his fail, he once beat a girl with his fists and elbows. He pistol whipped a GI with a. A second cabbie, rushing into the fray, calculated wrong ant! The most inhuman thing McVey did was to get a big butcher's knife after a customer who hadn't finished with his broad and who refused to leave until he.

McVey and his boys began forcing the man outside, but the customer fought. Tlie blade lopped off the nian's fingers. Hill Top House was the jumping off place. It was for transients, the down and outers, the low class. Though un- sanitary and weedy, even by Pheni. K City standards, it could not begin to rival in those respects another establishment operated by McVey. This was known as The Social Club, I hi: I'or ever 'thing bad in Pheni. It was hidden in a ihrckly wooded area several miles from Phenix, and could be [Hflched only by a winding, dusty road.

Crack Pilnniui, came upon the place while married ladies wants real sex Miami for a cache of Ipmibling devices which LaRuc himself had tipped them nbout.

L'nsatisfied with the. LaRue was brought The scene and led the search parry inside. A sign outside bore the name of the Georgia- Alabama Game ' ;inh imd advised that cock fighting was going on at the [JtK'ation.

Inside, the Guardsmen found a smooth, walled-in area for tling fighting cocks, and bleacher seats around the ring for spectators. There were slot machines and other handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama ices, a bar and drink stand and a place where sandwiches be purchased. Bur what puzzled Guardsmen most was ics of small cubicles around the sides of the building, so that a person had to bend over to crawl inside. Veteran Army officers, whose combined experience covered most of the face of the globe, agreed that they had never seen more sordid facilities for dispensing sexual satis- faction.

All of the places mentioned so far were located outside of the poUce jurisdiction of Phenix City, but all were a part and parcel of the Phenix City atmosphere and influence. In- side Phenix City proper there were scores of prostitution contact points and many places where facilities were provided for customers on the premises.

The largest prostitution operation in the city was centered at The 4J1 Club, partially owned by red-haired Rudenc Smith, who, incidentally, was the only woman ever to occupy any position of real authority fucks lemoore. Swinging. influence in the B-girl and prostitution setup. The latter was just across the road from The Club, and National Guard investigators reported they found rental turnover to run as handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama as twenty times in a single night.

In addition to operating several businesses, all geared to the fleecing of soldiers, Rudene also found time to recruit new female talent on her. She was one of the handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama or four women to be caught in the gigantic vice cleanup net spread by Guardsmen.

One of the charges against her was for the alleged enticing of girls into prostitution. To explain why so few women were charged with any offense growing out of the Phenix City vice cleanup, it should be pointed out that General Hanna, early in the invandga- tion, announced that he was not seeking to prosecute the individual prostitute or B-girl, but was after the ring-leadere, whether male or female.

In pursuance of this policy, about one hundred girls were picked up, or volunteered for ques- tioning by the investigators. Some of them were held in jail for periods ranging up to a week but almost ail of them were The Sex Market 01 released without charges. Many of the girls female subs the cleanup by giving valuable infonnation on undercover opera- rions around and in Phenix City, Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama of the girls were held in jail at times for protection and were afforded the additional safeguard of having their identity kept secret when they handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama taken before the special Grand jut ' to testify.

This was made possible by the coopera- tion of the newspapers and wire services covering the story. All agreed to withhold names and pictures where the safety of i[ic witness might be at stake. Grand Jury Foreman Cloyd Tillery made the request of reporters after the Grand Jury had found that a curtain of fear was causing many witnesses to hold back information or to hide out to keep from being juestioned.

While most of the so-called cafes clustered on the. Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama no discussion of prostitution in Phenix would be com- plete without mention of a place known as The Square Dance Club, at the time of the vice crackdown. Password for dating sites different management at various times, the club was known for years ;ts the French Casino, and was one of the hottest spots in a town that sizzled from border to border from the heat and passion generated in its half a hundred sex dives and clip joints.

In flashing neon on each side of the club it advertised "GIRLS," In a glass-enclosed space in front of the club were posted the pictures of scores of scantily clad hustlers. The glamor pictures were changed from time to time as new bodies were brought into the merchandise man under the guise of entertainers.

The Casino, or Square Dance Club, was one of the spots marrying a much older man it was an even money bee an unattached male could not get from the front door to the 32 PuENix City- Sex Mabket 33 niiddie of the dinily-Iighced rooni without being approached by one of the house-girls.

The same thing was true in ahnost all of the cafes which served little uk Baltimore swinger but much drink and entenainment, abng with the occasional "knock-out drops" for the unwary customer who was foolish enough to flash a heavy wallet or pay for drinks with a large bill To attempt to list all of the prostitution contact places in a city where sex was one of the main industries, would amount, almost, to listing a business directory of the town.

Places like "Ma" Beachic's Swing Club, which is known all over the world, wives seeking nsa GA Roswell 30075 having entertained pcrhapii a million soldiers from the beginning of World War II, until the day the guardsmen marched in, will be treated elsewhere in this book. Guard investigators made public the names of five persons they listed as the bosses, or ring-leaders of prostitution.

On that list were Rudene Smith, R.

Not one of the five ever made any public denial of the charge. In Phenix, as in any other city where crime, vice and gambling are major industries, the operators must pav off to law enforcement officers and other officials for the privilege of operating unmolested. The payoffs ran heavy handsomw Phenix, with both the sheriff's office and the police force demanding sub- stantial cuts, and some public officials giving the sign of the open palm. The usual rate for a house was one-third of the net rake after it had been divided with the girls who earned it.

For years the payoffs were made in a single lump sum and the split Phrnix made by tlie minions of the law. Then a dis- scment between the two law enforcing factions caused jiplit of the contributions. After that payoffs were made ich week tu an officer from the police depanment and a Icputy sheriff.

The payoffs from prostitution, according to ivcstigators, amounted to as much as seven thousand Ciyt week. In Alabama there ladies seeking sex Fanwood no direct statute prohibiting the opera- lon of a house of prostitution outside any city or its police risdiction. All cities have ordinances against disorderly con- and fornication.

There is a state statute on fornication. It it is no answer to the Cuty of assignation houses, ice the act must be proved. All of the persons mentioned prog this chapter as being con- iccfcd with prostitution, with the exception of Tommy Japps, have been indicted and some handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama them convicted on ;harges growing out handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama the Cjty racket.

In most cases the state could do handso,e better under existing laws than to idict a house operator on vagrancy charges, with an occa- 1: Mad investigators been backed up f'lth adequate handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama, they could, without question, have idc many more cases out of the gigantic prostitutioti racket. As it was, the National Guard wrote "finish" to the dating agency ireland jrganized sex sale.

Many of them sought new areas for their operation, and ic turned to new fields of vice. Many of them id not hesitate to make the suggestion to a lonely GI that ie could find surcease for his loneliness in female companion- lip for a price.

Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama Looking Vip Sex

Tlie cabbies handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama to work harder for their two dollar tips this way and the fringe benefits they had enjoyed in Phenlx were harder come by.

One driver who had performed above and beyond the call of duty in toting men about Phenix was rewarded with a chicken dinner by the proprietor of a cat house. The male "madames" of Phenix paid for protection from raids with large sums of money, prkf the girls often were called upon to contribute to the payoff with the one com- modity they had for sale.

A list of regular customers was seized at Cliff's Fish Camp, and it carried the names of many persons prominent in Russell County. Among them were some who held responsible posi- tions in the community or in politics. On occasions when any of the "brass" came a-calling, the entertainment was on the cuff- Among the VIPs who housewives wants nsa Bulls Gap the sex-camps were many who were addicted Albama abnormal forms of satisfaction.

As a number of girls later attested, handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama were required to perform acts which were painful, disgusting and sometimes humiliating without receiving any payment. This was, of course, a kind of blackmail on the pan of these leading citizens.

They never were so much at home as when with a group of their sisters-under-the-skin, or with a man whom they Pnenix might understand. Some of them, The Sex Mahkjet as probably a minority, handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama out pathetically for this male insight. When the women hoisted their skirts and traipsed across the bridges into Columbus, some of them found themselves tied down to the area, just as many other wage-earners leant it is difficult to leave home. Purely in the interest of handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama research, one of the auThors visited an ex-member of hndsome sorority at her Columbus home.

It was broad daylight and children were romping over the grassless front yard of the delapidated house. Most active of the children was a husky, little blond fellow who led a troupe of three in and out of the wooden, frame dwelling.

A short, rather squatty woman with her hair in curlers answered the knock at the door. This girl had been in the game in Phenix City for years.

With her hair in curiers, the girl didn't look wonh ten dollars. In seks the entire picture was one of filth and laziness. Even with all the dough she had raked in during her years of bedroom exercise, she was living hand to mouth. This may have been partly because seven of the children were hers although she wasn't married.

Handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama Seeking Horny People

Since the cleanup, she had taken a "respectable" job in Columbus, but she would meet gentlemen friends by appoint- ment. Her own esrimate of life as a Phenix City prosritute was startling. Alabaka percentage seemed extremely high and probably wouldn't smnd up under a thorough study of the facts.

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Quite a few of the customers simply enjoyed disrobing completely and having one to three girls whip. Generally the girls got a Alabaama kick out of the action and giggled while per- forming the chore. There were those individuals who had highly Phenkx m Phenix Phebix systems; such as, for inscance, handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama man who asked liis g-irl to undress, put a lampshade on her head, crass her eyes, and say "goo goo. This was the seamy side of Phenix City.

The slender young girl who used to go hansdome Cliff's To eat catfish with her parents learned of the main business function of that estabhshment by accident. She said she left the Ciyy and by chance looked into one of the rooms.

There lAabama saw a man and woman performing the sex act. She, herself, went hnadsome the trade because she needed money, she seeeks. She had a child who needed an eye operation.

A job at QiflF's offered the best chance for quick money. She, too, applied for and received a decent job, but when her employers learned of her past life, they dismissed handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama.

He traveled hundreds of miles tracking down ladies seeking nsa Twining, worked long hours ob- taining confessions and wrapping up his cases against the big shots. McFall must stand out as one of the men to whom the state is most indebted for cleaning up a sordid situation.

Lawson, also of Birmingham. These two men proved beyond doubt that in Pheniv, America had its Number One city in sex, sin, and deviation. The words are more a statement of fact than a question. For it is Alabamaa strong-willed man, indeed, who can elude these horney wet pussy leeches before he has been separated Alanama a large chunk of his ready cash.

The approach is usually made to the accompaniment of a hadnsome hand on the back of the neck or a Ciry squeeze of the arm. If trade is slack Albaama that particular night, and the quarry shows sign. If the man is seated, he is, literally, a sitting duck. Before "the mark" knows what's happening, two glasses of colored liquid will be on the table along with a tab for all the traffic will bear.

This usually is followed by the girl blk f seeking white m older to her male companion in a husky-voiced whisper, "I like you, honey. How about ordering a bottle of cham- pagne just handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama us?

She can tell within a few tninutes: How- much money her companion. How dnmk he is. Just how far she has to go to separate him from the maxi- mum amount of his money. Except for slight variations in technique, they are alike as pebbles on a beach. This may be conveyed by vi. It may be rpof the sweep of false eye- lashes or in the brush of a kiss on the car lobe from canmnc Lips.

It all spells out just one thing: Mister, I'm after your money. There were literally hundreds of B-girls in the pleasure palaces of Phenix. Every man who has followed his natural cariosity and found himself in a joint specializing in strip-and-clip, can add his own Alabamx B-giri lines.

While tlie man cakes his bourbon at a dollar a shot, his new-found companion will be lifting a Coke disguised with ice cubes, or sipping tea.

To handssome the necessary deception and imparl the smell of liquor to her drink, the bar tender will pour bourbon into the glass, slosh it mw and then pour in hot Coke. To add spice and encourage more business, some times a girl will suggest that the man put a dollar bill inside her bra or her panties. In addition to the fifty-fifty cut she gets on the drinks, she keeps all the cash she picks up in proc manner described. As her "date" gets drunker and bolder, the Couple names that go together goes into another of her well rehearsed acis.

She may promise to meet him after hours for a pany in her apartment Pgenix his hotel room, but he must first give her the ten or twenty dollars she charges for such entertainment. Occasionally she may actually keep the date, if she likes his looks or thinks she may be able to bleed him for even more cash. Most of the time, however, he will spend the night alone, wondering how he could have been so foolish.

Sometimes the boy friend won't be so wilting to forget housewives want real sex Glenwood Maryland will return the handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama night in an ugly mood.

Pal M. Daniel, the police chief of Phentx City until his ouster following the Patterson B4;iRL 99 murder, said more trouble was brewed from the broken promises of B-girls than any other one cause. Girls who work in places that feature handsoje strip-tease may use the promise of a ''special show after we close," and collect the price of the promised show from the date then and.

The show, of course, is never held and the sucker finds himself hustled out the door at closing Alabamw by the house- men who protKt that they never heard of any late show, "and who do you think you're kidding, bud? Meanwhile, the girl who collected the admission price has disappeared through the back door with all the sucker money she has collected- B-girb are not always prostitutes, though many of them do drift into the profession.

In Phenix City it was considered a sort of training eseks for handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama girls who wanted to better their financial position by offering their love on the open market.

But not all of them chose to do so. One B-girl, inter- viewed serks this writer, in. She resented, she said, the imphcarion that all B-girls went to bed with handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama.

Later, under questioning by investigators, this nineteen year-old brunette admitted that she had been intimate with one or two men, but protested that it was not Alaama a commercial basis. The working life of a B-girl in die better-class places was no more than sis to ten years, before she grew coarse and dissipated and lost her looks. A few of the B-girls followed a normal feminine course and became the wives of sexy indiyn. Some left the racket without ever taking the final step into prostitution.

Occasionally one of the smarter ones would step up into the management end of the business, or become a recruiter for the operators of the Online dateing com establishments. But, like the prostitutes, most of them wound up Phfnix dope addicts, jail birds, or in the gutters of sin- soaked Phenix or Columbus. Seekks of them were lured into Phenix by other girls who told them of the glamor and money that would be theirs in the wide- open city.

They left their homes on the farms of Alabama and Georgia, or their Pheinx dwellings in smail cities, to seek their fortunes atnid the bright lights handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama the nation's wickedest city.

See,s came as waitresses or curb girls, but if they showed proinise, they were soon approached with the proposition of becoming a B-girl in one of the spots along Highway handsome prof wm seeks Phenix City Alabama Fourteenth Street. A waitress in Handslme could expect thirty five dollars a week with little hope of improvement in her field. A B-girl, on the other hand, was limited only by her own ability to cadge drinks or cash from the soldiers and pleasure-seeking civilians who frequented the dives where the girls worked.

Some of the waitresses stepped directly from the cafes into the bedrooms of some bordello. But B-girls provided the most fertile field for recruiting by the big prostitution houses. Often the girl who caught the eye of one of the house opera- snow Oklahoma local sluts xxx found that she had little or no choice in the matter of becoming a prostitute.

If she couldn't be recruited by offers, she would find her- self in jail on some trumped up charge. Unable to meet the bail set, the girl would be in a receptive mood when ap- proached by some house operator wlio offered to square her with the law in exchange for work.

If the girl demurred, she often would find herself with a police record, charged with the very acts she refused to perform. She would then be told that her record would be made known in her home-town unless she agreed to work for a specified time- This form of blackmail was common in Phenix. The term "B-girl" is a contraction of "bar-girl," and she is associated with bars or drinking establishments. But often the B-girl was also a shill, or come-on, for gambling or even prostitution.

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